Lifecycle Management

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Component transition, obsolescence and end of life (EOL) are facts of life in the embedded computing industry. Our customers require a seamless transition when faced with these inevitable situations. At Elma, we keep your vital operations going and protect your investment by:

  • Maintaining close relationships with our suppliers and monitoring their roadmaps
  • Selecting suppliers dedicated to long product life cycles that support military and industrial expectations for product availability, maintainability and support
  • Making last time buys when necessary and maintaining inventories until replacement components are identified
  • Monitoring industry trends to more accurately predict future direction
  • Proactively designing in replacement components while attempting to reduce impact on functionality and cost
  • When possible recommending form fit and function replacements for EOL components and offering full verification and validation testing services to ensure compatibility
  • Our participation in embedded electronics standards committees helps ensure that the constant evolution in open standards continues with a balanced concern for backwards compatibility as well as future enhancements

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