Code Of Conduct & Anti-Bribery

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The values of the Elma Group reflect the culture and spirit of Elma, determine our behavior and how we want to be perceived by our colleagues, customers, shareholders, business partners and suppliers.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics as well as the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy describe our corporate culture and our joint values to which we commit ourselves worldwide. They are intended to assist our employees make the right decisions in compliance with the law and our corporate principles, even in difficult situations.

The Code of Conduct sets standards for ethical behavior in our professional life on the topics of human rights, compliance with local laws and insider trading. The Code of Conduct also regulates other areas such as the protection against discrimination and the reporting of misconduct.

We operate an ethically compliant business. Elma’s integrity and standing in the global market are vital to the protection, the further development of our brand and the sustainable growth of our business. We demand that intermediaries conducting services on behalf of Elma are loyal and will not bribe. We also commit to make no facilitation payments and to extend and accept gifts and invitations only if they are non-cash, customary and of modest value.