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Paving the way for open architecture and multivendor interoperability, OpenVPX opens up new definitions for VPX backplanes and systems, enabling a healthy ecosystem of product choices for use in applications requiring mission-critical, high performance computing.

VITA 46 is the base standard that defines VPX. OpenVPX, or VITA 65, includes an entire family of standards; in addition to the base VITA 46.x standards, other related standards include:

  • VITA 47.x Environments, Design and Construction, Safety and Quality for Plug-In Units
  • VITA 48.x VPX REDI – Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation Mechanical specifications
  • VITA 49.x VITA Radio Transport Layers
  • VITA 62.x Modular Power Supply for VPX
  • VITA 65.x OpenVPX System
  • VITA 66.x Optical Interconnect on VPX
  • VITA 67.x VPX Coaxial Interconnect
  • VITA 68.x VPX Compliance Channels
  • VITA 78.x Space VPX

A complete list of standards and their links can be found here, along with a FAQ sheet about OpenVPX.

Watch Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.

As a pioneer and key contributor in the development of VPX and OpenVPX standards, Elma offers a comprehensive portfolio of OpenVPX backplanes, chassis, board products and complete sub-systems designed to meet the latest technology implementations.

Applications that are taking advantage of this very high-performance serial architecture can be found in the following areas:

  • Defense & aerospace
  • Avionics
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Railway transportation
  • Scientific research

Elma has created a series of useful information to guide you through the standards and related products.

OpenVPX 101 tutorial for those interested in learning about the standard.

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VITA 65 Family of Standards