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Who is Elma

Elma Electronic is a global leader in embedded computing solutions including integrated chassis systems, board products, modular enclosures, equipment cabinets and precision hardware components in standard and custom configurations. As a global organization, we keep close to our customers and partners worldwide with sales, design and manufacturing facilities across three continents.

Reliability and long-term support with a history of deep technical expertise and precision engineering. That’s Elma.


Global forces bring on ever-changing technological challenges, and Elma is prepared to meet them head on. Elma is a global leader and industry innovator in advanced embedded computing solutions. Our products and integrated platforms are based on a set of modular building blocks such as enclosures, precision hardware components, rotary switches, and embedded computing boards.


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Elma’s proven building block platforms are designed to enable our customers to secure efficient and reliable solutions. Whether it be for defense, industrial automation, smart grid or communications, we apply our decades of experience to deliver the right solution for your application.

Blog Posts

Partners Corner: What is Edge AI Enabling in Industrial Computing Applications?

Similar to how cloud computing evolved over the last decade to the de facto way of storing and managing data, Edge AI is taking off. Edge AI is one of the most notable trends in artificial intelligence, as it allows people to run AI processes without having to be concerned about security or slowdowns due to data transmission. And its impact is notable in industrial embedded computing, since it allows platforms to react quickly to inputs without access to the cloud. We asked some Edge AI partners: If analytics can be performed in the cloud, what is the benefit of an Edge AI approach, especially as it’s related to industrial embedded computing?

Partners Corner: What is Edge AI Enabling in Industrial Computing Applications?

Membership in the NVIDIA® Partner Network

We are taking AI Computing to the next level! Find out how our membership in the NVIDIA® Partner Network complements the designs of our rugged computing systems to deliver enhanced deployable systems specifically designed to operate in harsh environments.

Membership in the NVIDIA® Partner Network