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Quality, reliability and precision is imperative when it comes to medical applications. Elma's products are used in medical systems such as testing, diagnostics and imaging.

Quality, reliability and precision is imperative when it comes to medical applications. This creates a need for solutions that provide secure and reliable equipment's to hospitals and clinics and health care providers at every stage. Elma's trusted application ready systems for imaging, surgical and therapy systems, patient monitoring, IT and patient diagnostics enable our customers to accelerate. Our wide range of hardware products are used by leading medical OEMs and integrators.

Our application-ready platforms are based on proven open standards, reducing design risk as well as significant cost reductions. Elma’s enclosures can be easily tailored to perfectly fit the electronics and provide a unique look. The modular design enables the customization with reduced R&D, time and costs. Our high-performance knobs and switches are used in the world over for their superior design and reliability.

Elma works as part of your team to understand the application’s requirements and design that best fits. We start with a set of standard, modular elements in order to deliver a tailored solution at any volume. Elma’s in-house design, integration and production gives us control over every step of the process.
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  • Healthcare records networks (IoT) and storage systems
  • Telehealth, remote healthcare management systems
  • High performance imaging systems such as MRI, CT, PET, ultrasound, etc.
  • Analyzers, diagnostic testing equipment


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