Conformal Coating

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For customers who need to protect their equipment from environmental elements such as high humidity, Elma can offer additional protection against these effects on backplanes and partner boards using conformal coating. This coating process applies a special protective surface to the printed circuit board, either manually, or by means of CNC coating machines using a spray coat method.

Depending on the destination of the boards, the different methods protect against moisture, dust or chemicals. They provide powerful protection, ensuring that high demands are met regarding reliable performance, service life and quality – even in scenarios of increased climatic strain.

To prepare the products for their specific environment, we offer a range of coatings (we recommend Peters ELPEGUARD conformal coatings, HPA or 1B3), in accordance with IPC-HDBK-830, MIL-I-46058 and IPC-CC-830 standards. Since we also perform some these finishing procedures in-house, we are able to guarantee quality of workmanship. All protective layers are confirmed using optical and mechanical testing.

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Conformal coating protects from humidity, dust and chemicals