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Elma Germany design an innovative MicroTCA system for high-end printing machine control. Compact, reliable, and efficient cooling.

Huge data quantities are generated as a result of the different experiments that are performed on the ISS (International Space Station).

Case study of a high-voltage DC power control sub-system to enable the transmission of power generated by their off-shore wind farm.

Avionics Instrument Sensors development for Joint Strike Fighter Program by Elma. Robust design and customer relationship secured the win.

Elma Electronic delivers highly reliable network infrastructure for global broadband satellite communications, offering integration and redundancy

Case study of a dual CompactPCI chassis with custom backplane, used for virtual systems control and monitoring in a naval vessel.

LXNAV supplies navigation systems for Red Bull Air Races, while Elma Electronic offers electronic packaging and enclosure solutions.

Leading manufacturer of rugged modular microcomputers with advanced thermal management using CoolConduct technology in partnership with Elma.

COMLAB offers high-quality digital multi-band repeaters for train passengers, ensuring perfect voice quality and fast data transmission

Case study on a rugged transportable platform with high compute density, Ethernet switching, and ample storage for real-time military data management

Case study on a project with an legacy upgrade storage module to replace aging SCSI drives with the latest in SATA drive technology

Case study on a digital video recorder for an aircraft video security system with a storage unit for aircraft video security system