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Long the workhorse of embedded standards in defense applications, VME-based prod-ucts and solutions designed by Elma have over a 30year track record of unfailing service. Defense programs worldwide rely on leading edge and legacy VME boards and systems from Elma.

The VME (Versa Module Eurocard) defines an electrical interface system used to interconnect data processing, storage, and other peripheral control devices in a closely coupled hardware configuration. Our goal is to ensure that every VME or VITA-based product we manufacture fulfills or exceeds the standards. Elma has been involved with the VITA standards since its inception and is committed to bringing the best technical expertise and products to the VITA community. Elma’s specification, innovations, market-driven product line, and services are guaranteed for their consistency and excellence. Click here for more information on VME/VME64x.

Application Notes

  • Avionics Instrument Sensors
  • Custom VME System Solution
  • Rugged VME64x Integrated Chassis
  • Guided Missile Weapon System for Ship Self-Defense

Our partners in VME and VME64x system design.

True interoperability in integrated systems design means building systems that accommodate board products from a variety of suppliers. Elma believes it is better to design a system using the best available products rather than limiting your options to in house choices which may or may not represent the best on the market. Truly open design flexibility leads to an integrated solution that is better able to meet every aspect of your application requirements. Every system is sold and supported under one Elma model number As your single point of contact, Elma designs, builds, documents, supports and warrants the entire integrated system as a unit Including all components and sub-assemblies.

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VMEbus / VME64x - The classic in the 19 inch range