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Our long-standing leadership in technical standards, experience in critical global defense programs, and our extensive portfolio of products based on OpenVPX and SOSA, enable Elma to partner with our customers in test & development and deployment of equipment and infrastructure installed in the most demanding defense applications.

No one knows SOSA like Elma Electronic. The DoD memo of January 2019 was signed by the secretaries of all three major service branches, calling for a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), specifically naming SOSA as one of the open standards to embrace. Together with industry, the SOSA technical standard is an modular open architecture designed to help accelerate defense equipment modernization for the warfighter in areas of EW, SIGINT, EO/IR, and C5ISR.

Elma is a leading industry participant in the development of the technical standards, of which the root is based on the OpenVPX architecture. We are pioneers of and key contributors to the development of the standard, with leadership roles in several key technical and business committees.


The backplane is at the heart of it all. High-performance signal integrity design is critical to reliable and successful systems aligned to SOSA, Building on decades of backplane manufacturing experience, Elma engineers are innovation leaders in high-speed signal processing design and developed the industry’s first SOSA backplanes.

  • VITA 66.4 optical, 67.1 RF and 67.3 RF/optical modules
  • Up to 100 Gbase-KR4
  • Slot counts from 2 - 12
  • Radial clock slot for IEEE 1588 precision timing protocol and network synchronization

The highest level of signal integrity

At speeds up to 100 Gbase-KR4, every feature of backplane design can influence signal integrity (SI) – every trace, layer separation, turn bend, via, via transition, etc. Elma’s signal integrity analysis and simulations consider every element in the channel to ensure optimal performance.

We focus on each feature individually to model the complete channel and optimize the return loss for each. Once modeled, they are concatenated together along with the trace and connector models to create the complete channel. Today’s critical high-speed systems require nothing less than reliable, repeatable solutions - every time.

Chassis Platforms - for Test & Development and Deployment

Elma addresses the chassis platform from the early stages of test and development with follow-through to the end deployment requirements. Choose from our range of CompacFrame test platforms that accommodate air, conduction, an air flow-through configurations. IPMI chassis management and power are included.

Deployment is always the end goal, so we work with our customers to determine the specific end requirements for the system - will it need to be rugged, withstand harsh environmental factors, shock or vibration challenges? Elma has experience successfully addressing all of those challenges.


We have numerous webinars on a wide range of topics related to the SOSA technical standard and how it can be implemented. Download our SOSA Brochure, and peruse our product offerings.

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