Ruggedized COTS SBC solution with solid state storage

Airborne signal intelligence collection system controller

Application Notes


Provide a form, fit and functional replacement for a popular single board computer product – the Emerson MVME5107 (formerly Motorola) - which had moved to end of life (EOL). Carry out and document a full suite of operational and environmental testing to ensure this new replacement board met all existing requirements of this critical, rugged UAV application.


Leveraging our longstanding partnership with Emerson, Elma worked to develop a replacement for the 5107 board based on an Emerson MVME5110. Elma provided the customer with a detailed comparison of the feature sets of each of the two boards before making the necessary modifications. A ruggedized MVME5110 with PMC SATA solid state storage was developed as a fully integrated assembly including operating system, driver support, environmental stress screening and ruggedization related enhancements.