Legacy upgrade storage module

Replace aging SCSI drives with the latest in SATA drive technology

Application Notes


Replace aging and outdated SCSI disk drive technology and replace PCMCIA storage with hot swap removable Compact Flash storage capability. Maintain operational compatibility with existing system architecture. Eliminate procurement problems associated with waning SCSI and PCMCIA drive supplies and production.


Elma Electronic designed a form, fit and functional replacement for this digital storage module (DSM) used in optical switching equipment in the telecommunications industry. Using sophisticated dual channel sCSI to ATA and SCSI to SATA bridging technology, Elma engineers produced a technically modern version of the DSM with full backward compatibility software capability. The updated module replaced 3.5” rotating SCSI hard drives with cutting edge 2.5” SATA solid state drives and the PCMCIA card with CompactFlash drive technology.