Better Security and Reliability in Digital Broadcast Racks

April 3, 2019

Image of Optima Stantron's Pioneer DR Series broadcast and data racks
The Pioneer DR Series broadcast and data racks offer intelligent features that monitor power, temperature and other critical system functions.

Technology Highlights

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., April 2019 – Optima Stantron, an Elma company, now delivers more security and reliability in its line of Pioneer DR Series broadcast and data racks, thanks to new intelligent features that monitor power, temperature and other critical system functions.

With options for monitored, metered or switched intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), the new Pioneer DR Series offers different levels of user-customizable power consumption and active monitoring, such as load monitoring, power cycling and delayed power sequencing.

Going beyond just reliable power distribution, the use of intelligent PDUs in the Pioneer DR racks provides advanced capabilities including power metering, environmental monitoring, and remote outlet control. This helps increase the efficiencies of data centers through real-time data collection of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW) and energy consumption (kWh).

With security and reliability in mind, the new digital racks conveniently display up to two amp readings as well as the status of up to two temperature probes as well as power and temperature conditions on the front of the unit in a mounted LED screen. The door also comes with either stand-alone or networked SmartCard door handles for customizable, monitored entry into the cabinet. LED lights mounted inside the rear of the rack sense motion as well as if the door of the rack is opened.

Included with each intelligent Pioneer DR rack is free monitoring software that monitors up to 16 PDUs per network address via a dongle, with the capability of up to 50 dongles, or 800 PDUs total. The units also feature network monitoring with SNTP alarming.

Other options include nine vertical, temperature-controlled, 3-speed fans in a 33U panel mounted within the door to dissipate an exceptional amount of heat from the electronics within.

Optima Stantron’s Pioneer broadcast racks are available in 5 heights, 4 depths and 3 widths for a custom-fit system that meets most configuration requirements.

Accessories include blank filler panels as well as solid, vented, perforated and Plexiglas doors, three-point latching and locking kits. Casters, cable management, shelving, trays and drawers in addition to side panels, wedges, work surfaces and reducer brackets are other accessories that are offered.

The units are available in seismic and NEBS Zone 4 GR-63-CORE compliant versions and all Pioneer racks can be bayed together for a completely integrated system solution.

Pricing and delivery for an intelligent Pioneer DR rack is dependent on configuration.


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