Railway certified rugged racks

AREMA and CENELEC compliant

Application Notes


Provide complete, tested cabinet platforms in different sizes to house rackmount equipment located on-board railway locomotive trains intended for public transportation and off-board applications like signal control rooms and cable management. Control room and wayside racks had to be shielded to meet IP42, IP 54 and applicable IEC standards. All cabinets also had to meet earthquake requirements as well as AREMA and CENELEC standardized tests for shock and vibration.


Optima Stantron stepped up to the challenge using the standard M1 welded aluminum cabinet series as the base for the customer’s design. Our engineering team designed several rugged cabinets to meet the specs. The cabinets were then tested to meet the various requirements before shipping to the customer, saving them valuable time in the process of both design and testing. The cabinets were tested to AREMA C&S Manual, Part 11.5.1 (Recommended Environmental Requirements for Electrical and Electronic Railroad Signal System Equipment), Section D.4 (Vibration) and D.5 (Shock), Class I)) and CENELEC rail specification standards for shock and vibration (EN 61373:2010). The vibration was an especially severe endurance test.

Rugged Rack M1 Series