OpenVPX Backplanes

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Elma has served the defense industry needs for years and is a key participant in open standards organizations such as VITA and SOSA™.

Elma is a leading contributor to the DoD hardware convergence and tri-service commonality initiatives, providing CMOSS / SOSA-aligned technology, backplanes and modules pursuant to the stated goals of those initiatives. As the leader in VITA 46/65 OpenVPX backplane design and manufacturing, our cutting-edge signal integrity analysis informs the designs of our high-speed backplanes, handling critical data at speeds of 12 Gbps and reaching towards 25 Gbps.

Designs support VITA 66 and 67 optical and RF apertures for connectivity including VITA 67.3 RF/Optical modules. As signal speeds and system complexities increase, Elma is looked to for proven designs. We offer the largest selection of 3U and 6U OpenVPX backplane profiles, in slot counts from 2 to 12.


OpenVPX Backplanes