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Integrated lighting solutions and HMI components for electro-mechanical and optoelectronics applications

The portfolio of Mentor components includes LED-based lighting systems for ambient and functional lighting as well as modern operating and display elements for housing fronts and other mechanical, electronic and optoelectronic components from the HMI sector. While the focus used to be on components, our range is now increasingly developing into complete systems and subsystems. These solutions are usually developed and manufactured according to the customer’s needs. From design to manufacturing: All from a single source.

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Light Guide Systems for SMD- and THT LEDs

Bar-graph Displays; Flexible Light Guide Systems; LED Light Guide Components; Light Guides for front panels; Multiple, Miniaturized and Upright Light Guides; Multiple and Single Light Guides; Light Guide Switches

Opto Electronic Components

Holders; Indicator Lamps and Sensors; LED Display Systems; Reflectors; Optical Accessories

Keypad Components and Accessories

Extensive range of keypad components and accessories. Includes key caps and light fields with full illumination, individual full illumination and point illumination individual inscription inserts; flat key caps for membrane keypads or switch plungers with or without point illumination; matching SMD tactile switches, 7 segment displays and light guides for standalone indicators.

Electromechanical Components SMD / THT

Mentor's range of electromechanical components include SMD and THT switches, keys and jacks in a variety of designs. Many standard products are available off the shelf – with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities.

Handles · Enclosure Accessories

The Mentor range includes bow-shaped handles, collapsible handles, tray handles, tubular handles, ledge handle and modular handle systems, carrying- and rear up handles, as well as device feet made of plastic, rubber and metal in terms of accessories.

Plastic / Metal Knobs · Mechanical Components

Mentor offers a wide range of control and adjusting knobs. In addition to classical turning knobs made of plastic and metal, the range also includes digital and analog turning knobs for a wide range of applications, aluminium wing knobs and matching accessories.

Integrated Lighting Solutions

Mentor has the experience of providing integrated lighting solutions. Peruse the catalog for ideas and more information.

Area Lighting for Logos, Symbols and Text

For those who want to set an example with sleek product design, Mentor has LED area lighting products for logos, signs and text. The catalog shows the full range of ideas and products.

M-Fibre Side Lighting

Mentor's M-Fibre sidelight fiber system opens up new possibilities for the aesthetic and functional design of innovative products. Download the catalog to see lots of great design ideas.


Mentor Components (US only)


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