Special design for embedded controller with the Compact Case 20 in its new version

May 24, 2022

Elma announces the expansion of its family of Compact Case 20 design enclosures to accommodate an even wider range of applications. The extensive range of dimensions and configurations flexibility makes it suitable to just about every conceivable type of electronics.

The Compact Case 20 embedded adds another two basic variants to the existing Compact Case 20 family. Specially designed for applications with embedded controllers and other electronic applications, the new design variants offer key new features, such as special fins on the convex side walls to easily dissipate the waste heat from the components mounted inside; flat inner sides of the side panels provide a groove for threaded strips or square nuts for almost infinite mounting of built-in components or even insertion of PCBs.

The updated design also provides outer ribs for possible stacking of multiple enclosures. Front panels are available in different versions to optimize the enclosure for a particular application. In addition to the standard front, there are covers that hide the front mounting screws or special plastic bumpers for better protection in environments that might require it. The Compact Case 20 can be easily assembled through the Elma online enclosure configurator according to user-specific dimensions and requirements.


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