Implementing 100 Gig Ethernet with OpenVPX

Implementing 100Gig Ethernet in New Open Standards Designs

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The demand for 100 Gigabit Ethernet VPX products has driven suppliers to design, model, simulate and test the boundaries of technologies - on the connectors, the backplane routing, and the boards.

To meet the exponential growth of demanding data and image processing needs that accompany sensor-based platform designs, 100 Gigabit Ethernet is emerging as the communications protocol of choice to handle that traffic across the system.

This webinar will address the technologies that are being implemented now on OpenVPX and SOSA™ to meet the demands of these powerful computing needs, addressing signal integrity challenges, migration to the RT3 connector and beyond, and how optics & RF can support Gig Ethernet lanes as well as transceiver development.

Implementing 100 Gig Ethernet with OpenVPX

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