Leveraging SOSA to Implement Functional Systems

November 30, 2022

Sponsors: Elma Electronic, Concurrent Technologies, and EIZO Rugged Solutions

One of the key tenets of the SOSA technical standard is the ability to design open standards-based solutions using commercially available, best in class products to accelerate and lower system development costs. Starting with the AI solution recently demonstrated by EIZO Rugged Solutions, Concurrent Technologies and Elma Electronic, this webcast will show how easy it is to use the same SOSA aligned chassis and backplane as a starting point to then reconfigure PICs for alternative applications and new technology requirements. Such interoperability relies on all the hardware vendors and their PICs and system elements working together seamlessly.

Join our panel of experts as they share their experiences working together to create a functional system showcasing the latest CPU+GPGPU technologies and monitoring with enhanced chassis management capabilities. There will be a Q&A session following the presentations.

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