Membership in the NVIDIA® Partner Network

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November 30, 2023

Our membership in the NVIDIA® Partner Network paired with our expertise in ruggedized embedded computing systems design and enclosure packaging, enables us to offer deployable rugged AI embedded computing platforms based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules specifically designed for applications that need to operate reliably regardless of the deployed environment.

Advances in AI and computationally intensive data processing for deep learning are enabling faster adoption of capabilities like object detection/recognition and navigation of autonomous vehicles. Applications in agriculture, automotive, construction and mining, industrial, and military and defense require platform solutions that absolutely require reliable operation in challenging environments.

Companies in these industries are leveraging Elma's deep expertise in industrial and rugged-grade embedded computing platforms and enclosures for their next-gen designs. Using NVIDIA® Jetson™ family AI and video compute system-on-modules (SOMs), we deliver highly reliable, high-performance embedded computing platforms that are qualified to operate reliably across a range of industrial and environmentally harsh environments (extended temperatures, high shock and vibration, and ingress protection from water, sand, dust, salt, fog, and chemical contaminants).

Elma Electronic is a global leader in ruggedized embedded computing systems and proud to be a member of the NVIDIA Partners Program.  Our NVIDIA powered AI processors are designed to operate in the most challenging environments.  Whether your application environment is a factory floor, an autonomous taxi, mounted on a mining or agriculture vehicle, or deployed on a military aircraft or ground vehicle, Elma has an NVIDIA based AI solution to meet your needs.


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