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Rotary Switches Division

Elma's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and other quality components from all over the world. Our rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets, andElma's coded switches and encodersare the choice of premier two-way radio and medical equipment manufacturers globally.

Elma has endeared itself to our customersbecause of our modular switch construction that allows for design modifications to existing products, even in small quantities. Our engineering staff can modify shafts, bushings and switching schemes to create a solutionforyour special requirements that can be realized quickly.

Dependability and ruggedness areElma's core competencies.Our most popular rotary and coded switches, as well as our encoders can be optionally panel-sealed to up to IP68 against dust and moisture. Our standard shaft material for most switches is stainless steel or brass with a stainless steel option for tough environments. Our electrical contacts areplated with hard gold to ensure years of trouble-free service out in the field.

We also import and distribute the product ranges of Mentor GmbH of Germany. As Mentor's only authorized US agent and distributor, we are proud tooffer theirlight guides, knobs and other unique products.

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Rotary Switches
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