Proven high quality switches, encoders & control knobs

Elma offers a wide range of HMI rotary switches solutions including knobs. 

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Reliability and ruggedness are just two of Elma's core competencies for rotary switches. Panel and shaft sealing up to IP68 against dust and water are standard for all rotary switches. The shaft material for all switches is stainless brass or stainless steel – this is suitable for rugged environments. In order to guarantee years of undisturbed functionality and service life of the rotary switches, all electronic contacts are plated and provided with hard gold. In addition to a large selection of encoders, coding switches, selector switches, audio solutions and multifunctional rotary switches, Elma Electronic offers you also the right knobs and caps.

With millions of rotary switches and knobs sold globally every year, Elma is sure to have an appropriate variety of switches, knobs and caps. Of course, we continue to accept customer-specific requests and work with you on the right rotary switch solution for your individual application.

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Elma has a wide range from rotary switches solutions to knobs.