Custom Backplanes

Customization is the standard at Elma. Our extensive offering of modular standard products enables us to leverage existing solutions and proven design concepts to meet any custom application.

Backplanes Product Type

The backplane is quite literally the backbone of a successfully performing system. Excellent signal integrity design is critical to platform reliability. Building on decades of backplane manufacturing experience, Elma engineers are innovation leaders in high-speed signal processing design, developing some of the most sophisticated backplanes in the industry.

Backplane designs for the highest level of signal integrity
At speeds up to 100 Gbase-KR4, every feature of backplane design can influence signal integrity (SI) – every trace, layer separation, turn bend, via, via transition, etc. Elma’s signal integrity analysis and simulations consider every element in the channel to ensure optimal performance. Elma uses precision probe cards for complete channel characterization between all points on the backplane.

Today’s critical high-speed systems require nothing less than reliable, repeatable solutions - every time, which is why our customers rely on us for their backplane solutions.

Custom Backplane Examples

Custom backplane with rigid/flex design for rugged ATR system
Custom backplane designs such as this rigid-flex combination are used in rugged, field-deployed mission-critical applications. Note how a high number of MIL38999 I/O connections was achieved.
Custom backplane example
This custom backplane accommodates multiple board architectures as well as lots of I/O and network connectivity per user's specifications.
Custom backplane for rugged system platform
The customer had very specific power and space requirements for this high performance design
Custom backplane example 2
This custom backplane had specific power and slot requirements. 

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