Elma’s proven building block platforms are designed to enable our customers to secure efficient solutions for smart grid, power plants, energy generation, transmission and monitoring by applying our experience in ruggedization and thermal management. 

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Elma specializes in enclosures designed for the right environmental requirements that enables us to provide field-proven solutions. Our enclosures and embedded computing platforms could be used in indoor or outdoor settings; DIN or wall-mounted industrial computers; rackmount chassis platforms and cabinets; rugged, seismic or harsh environments. Elma supplies embedded computing systems for smart grid applications that enable communications, sensing and measurement, HMI, data acquisition and machine control.

Our products are based on standard modular platforms, which allow us to design tailored solutions even at low volumes. Elma’s in-house design, integration and production gives us control over every step of the process.

The energy industry solutions encompass everything involved in the production and distribution of energy:

  • Wind, solar, water and other renewables
  • Electrical power infrastructure, generation, maintenance and distribution
  • Biofuels
  • Nuclear power
  • Primary energy sources 


  • Smart grid energy management & reliability 
  • Rugged systems for network connectivity 
  • Utility & grid security 
  • Efficient energy management
  • Data analysis for situational awareness

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