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E37 Encoder

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E37 dual concentric encoder

A high quality, dual concentric incremental miniature encoder available with or without the push-button switch.

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  • Playlist: OpenVPX Capabilities

    OpenVPX Capabilities

    OpenVPX has come a long way, including its adoption of the emerging SOSA™ initiatives for modular open systems architectures (MOSA). Learn more about the standard fundamentals as well as some of Elma’s products, design capabilities and solutions.

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  • Playlist: Equipment Cabinets

    Equipment Cabinets

    Elma builds racks and enclosures to meet the rigorous requirements for onboard railway equipment. We design, build and successfully test these cabinets to meet both North American (AREMA) and European (CENELEC) railway standards.

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  • Playlist: Small Form Factor Systems

    Small Form Factor Systems

    Elma has developed a line of Small Form Factor (SFF) platforms to address the ever-increasing need to reduce size, weight, power while improving cooling (SWaP-C). Each of these videos provides a brief, top-level view of some of these product families.

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    Small Form Factors
  • Playlist: Enclosures


    Elma’s product portfolio ranges from a single-board computer (SB) small form factor applications, instrumentation enclosures to 19” rackmount enclosures and cabinets. We also provide high definition digital and laser printing, design and customization services.

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  • Playlist: Rotary Switches and Encoders

    Rotary Switches & Encoders

    A broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs, coded switches, encoders and other quality components. Elma’s rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets. Dependability and ruggedness are our core competencies.

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    Rotary Switches
  • Playlist: CompactPCI Serial

    CompactPCI Serial

    3 U cPCI Serial test and development chassis enables desktop lab development and provides open access for probing and debugging cards during integration testing and application development.

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