Field-proven MIL-STD solutions for mission-critical use

Elma is a supplier of field-proven military standards (MIL-STD) solutions for mission-critical applications used in land, air, and sea defense systems.

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We know what "mission-critical" means. Since years Elma has been a supplier of field-proven MIL-STD integrated systems, boards and components for mission-critical defense applications across all military branches. We guarantee maximum performance even under the most challenging circumstances.

Elma competence lies in designing and delivering hardware platforms based on modular COTS components. Along with our carefully selected partners, we deliver a tailored solution based on our customers’ requirement for a lower cost, long lifecycle and maintenance support. We are the leading experts in the latest open standards architectures such as OpenVPX, ATCA, PCIe/104 and COMe, as well as mature standards such as VME, CPCI, and PCI. Using these building blocks ensures a higher level of interoperability and tested technology.

Our deep experience in thermal and environmental management means that our customers are guaranteed a system that meets or exceeds the application’s requirements – be it high shock and vibration, extreme temperatures (-40 to +85 °C). Our familiarity with MIL-STDs means that our customers can rely on highly knowledgeable design experience we bring to a project. Elma’s enclosures and embedded computing platforms are designed for use in benign or harsh environments; MIL-STDs such as 901D, 810E-F, 167, 461, etc. are second nature to us and our production facilities are certified to AS9100. Whether it’s dealing with stringent EMI concerns, high altitude or desert temperatures, or subjecting a system to Barge testing, we’ve been there.


  • Mission-critical data recorders
  • Payload management systems
  • Mission computing systems
  • Video capture and streaming
  • High performance data acquisition
  • Navigational guidance systems
  • Secure cell sites & base stations
  • C4ISR and SIGINT
  • SATCOM equipment
  • Mobile COM for shelters and vehicles
  • Ground telemetry and GPS
  • Collision avoidance and navigation systems
  • Ship maintenance support systems
  • Underwater sensors
  • Electronic warfare

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