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Power Interface Boards (PIBs)

Power Interface Boards

The Power Interface Boards are separate boards for the power section of the backplane. They are used to facilitate pluggable power supplies, headers, and utility connectors. Elma Electronic's standard backplane lines utilize power taps and power studs, which are wired to the power supplies. With the PIBs, customers will be able to choose between Elma Electronic's standard power interface and pluggable modules. The power boards come in standard 3U and 6U heights and contain one or two 47-pin Positronic hot-pluggable power supply connectors (Positronic PCIH47F9300A1-246.0), and a 20-pin header for voltage sense and IPMB interface (Thomas & Betts 609-2037 or equivalent). Two power taps are for +5V, two for 3.3V, and four for GND. There are also four Fast-on blades each for -12V and +12V (AMP 63650-1 or equivalent). (For the 1 ps connector version, reduce the number of power taps and faston blades listed above in half.) The PIB interfaces to the backplane via power bugs with 6/32 screws. The design also includes mounting holes, allowing the PIB to be securely fixed to the chassis.

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