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ArcLight Satellite Network Application Note

ArcLight® Satellite Network Applications Note

Today, we can reach more countries in more locations than ever before on our cell phones, laptops, and PDAs. However, getting connected is still a challenge throughout much of the global landscape. Satellite communications are helping to solve this problem. Whether it’s a charter boat out on the ocean, a business on his train-ride home, a jet on a leisure or business trip, a hunter in the rural outdoors, mobile broadband communications are improving with satellite networking. ViaSat’s ArcLight® Satellite Network Applications allow remote mobile users on jets, trains, and maritime vessels to access Internet or corporate private networks at broadband speeds via satellites and regional Hubs located around the world.

Customer specific Enclosure on basis of type 15. The case is fully designed in aluminum to save weight. To ensure extra robustness some reinforcement parts as e.g. the back panel are made in sheet steel. The PCB's inside the case are vibration proof attached. Some extra EMC gaskets grant the secure operation of the controller in harsh electromagnetic environment.

Why Did Elma Win?
ViaSat was considering several companies when selecting a vendor for their ArcLight® Blade System project. Elma was chosen because of the company’s excellent reputation and experience in system platforms. ACT/Technico was also selected because they had key products and expertise that were an excellent match.

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