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Ultrasound Welding Machines Application Note

Ultra Sonic Welding Machines

Our customer, a leading manufacturer of ultrasound welding machines, was looking for a shapely and flexible case to pack the control unit and other functions of his machines.

Enclosure for control and pneumatic equipment.

The designed case includes the following features:

  • Customized case on basis of Type 15 smart
  • 6U
  • 21 HP; a quarter of 19 inch
  • Slots, 220mm each
  • Symmetric construction
  • Lateral mounting
  • Top cover and front panels dismountable on place
  • One basic case for various applications such as electronic and pneumatic equipment


Why Did Elma Win?
Our customer is very happy with the end product and more than just satisfied with Elma’s collaboration. With this product he gets the following benefits:

  • A shapely, elegant case, which gives a high recognition value to the customer
  • Case can be mounted left or right hand side of his asset (symmetric construction)
  • By obtaining only one case (low purchasing and storing cost) he can cover various applications (retractable electronic or pneumatic)
  •  The front panels are adjustable quickly and at a good price to the particular design
  • Thanks to variable designs the purchased quantity is high 599 enough to reduce the unit cost
  • The case can be purchased over a long period in the same high quality
  •  The cases can be maintained quick and easy thanks to the simple demounting of cover and front panel 


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