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Flow Analysing Equipment Application Note

Flow Analysing Equipment Application Note

For measuring aerodynamics, for example cw-values on cars and airplanes.

The Elma IPC type C enclosure made out of aluminum is easy to customize because of its modular configuration. The front section is standard 19 Inch, 84HP which gives the possibility to use the huge program of 19” components available on the market.

The rear panel is also removable and can be modified.

The baseplate is monolithic which is an EMC - advantage.

Why Did Elma Win?
Using an Elma IPC enclosure type C allows you to design an OEM solution with a low level of customization.

Additionally, thanks to the long lifecycle of the Elma products, you don't have to worry about the availability and the changes in the specifications. A lot of suppliers make changes in the enclosure specifications without warning. Using Elma products reduces this risk enormously.

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