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Ruggedization Program

In-house modification to SBCs for extended performance in one or all of the typical specification areas requires driving a product through time consuming qualification, verification, and remanufacturing processes adding risk to the project in terms of cost and completion objectives. This takes precious resources away from higher-level activities and transfers support responsibility from the board supplier to the contractor or the end user. Faced with this realization, end users may take the leap to products built from the ground up for full Mil capability, where prices are highest and where often the product capabilities far exceed the application requirements. Elma Electronic provides an effective alternative that bridges the gap between true COTS hardware and full MIL hardware in a cost-effective manner. Elma Electronic will provide the baseboard along with the required modifications, testing, documentation, and warranty support services all tailored to your requirements. Elma ruggedized products are qualified to MIL -STD 810, MIL-STD 901D, MIL 883 and MIL-STD 167 among others as needed for the end application.

The ruggedization process requires an extension of the COTS specifications, where the specifications of the COTS assembly must match the requirements of the application. The difference between the intended COTS specification and the requirements of the end user specification becomes the gap that must be closed in order to allow the COTS assembly to meet the end user needs.

Elma offers a complete line of Rugged Products including: I/O SolutionsNetworking ProductsSBC ProductsStorage Products, and Systems. 

Click here to learn about Conformal Coating at Elma. 

Elma Electronic Ruggedization Grades
Elma has defined 5 grades of ruggedization for most board products. Products can be modified and tested to meet the full compliment of specifications within one grade or specifications can be selected on an ala carte basis.  Not all products can meet every grade. Contact Elma to discuss your requirements and choose the configuration that meets your needs.

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