Rugged Computing Equipment for Trackside & On-board Transportation

Developed and built tailored backplane and system platform

Application Notes


Provide complete, tested cabinet platforms in different sizes to house rackmount equipment located on-board railway locomotive trains intended for public transportation and off-board applications like signal control rooms and cable management. Control room and wayside racks had to be shielded to meet IP42, IP 54 and applicable IEC standards. All cabinets also had to meet earthquake requirements as well as AREMA and CENELEC standardized tests for shock and vibration.


Elma developed and manufactured both the backplane as well as the system platform.


  • 18 layers / 6.89mm PCB thickness
  • Special shielding in P0 area for analog signals (25MHz) routing
  • Differential ECL signals with frequencies of 1.25 GHz and 500 MHz
  • High voltage (300V) on the backplane

System Platform

  • EMC integrated system 10U 84HP 423mm deep
  • Card depth 280mm for 6U cards, 100mm rear I/O
  • Ventilation from the front bottom via the card cage to the top rear
  • AC/DC 600W power supply
  • 3 fans, temperature-controlled

High voltage planes and different high-speed signals required a design concept for this active backplane. The challenge was to find the best compromise (to convince our customer) between number of layers, shielding of high-speed signals and isolation of high voltage planes.

Rugged computing platforms for transportation equipment

Elma SAPHIR Plus Equipment
Rugged computing platforms for use in transportation platforms