Laser tracking system

Application Notes


Laser Tracker Systems are mobile and portable Coordinates Measuring computers. They allow measuring and inspecting on-site all sizes of assembly parts as well as part-to-part assembly of large objects. Laser Trackers have a proven record of innovative quality. From cars to aircraft, and from windmills to space satellites, the customer's Laser Trackers set metrology standards.


Customer specific enclosure based on Elma's Type 15. The case is fully designed in aluminum to save weight. To ensure extra robustness, some reinforcement parts as e.g. the back panel are made in sheet steel. The PCBs inside the case are vibration proof attached. Some extra EMC gaskets grant secure operation of the controller in harsh electromagnetic environment.

Why Did Elma Win?

Ability of application specific designs, close co-operation with customer (project management), EMC know-how, quality, functionality, modularity of type 15 sub racks.

Type 15 enclosure design for laser tracking system

Type 15 enclosure for industrial laser tracking system