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Load and Test Extender Boards

Design and functional varification is essential to the successful launch of an Embedded Computing System.  To support the process and reduce leadtime and risk Elma offers a wide range of Chassis and Board level test and dugging tools to include: Power Load Boards, Test Extender Boards and SerDes Test Systems for: VPX, VME64x, VME, cPCI, ATCA, VXS, MTCA, and VXI architectures.  

Test Extenders bring the board under test outside the unit for easy debug.  Load boards aid in verifying power requirements, wiring accuracy as well as simulate thermal load helping the engineer locate hot spots in the chassis. The SerDes test modules directly evaluate true Gbps serial link BER performance inside the chassis.

  • ATCA, cPCI, MTCA, VME, VME64x, VPX, VXI, and VXS
  • Extend all signal pins
  • Unique rigid-flex-rigid designs for VXS and VPX
  • 6U versions for cPCI, VME, VME64x, VXI, VPX, VXS
  • 9U version for ATCA; 3U-9U for VME
  • Form factor extenders in VME, VME64x. 60mm, 120mm, 180mm
  • Load Boards in VME/VME64x, cPCI, VPX, and MTCA standard. Converction and conduction cooled
  • Aid in Thermal design and verification
  • SerDes device tests true BER, performs pattern generation (VPX)
  • Backplane signal test rates up to 6.4 Gbps
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