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Light Guides, LEDs, and Arrays by Mentor GmbH

Light Guide Systems, SMD-LEDs, THT LEDs [PDF]

  • Bargraph Displays, lying
  • Flexible Light Guide Systems
  • LED Light Guide Components (M-PIPE)
  • Light Guides for Frontpanels
  • Light Guides lying, multiple & miniaturized
  • Multiple-Light Guides, miniaturized & upright
  • Single-Light Guides upright, Light Guide Switches

Opto Electronic Components [PDF]

  • Accessories
  • Holders
  • Indicator Lamps and Sensors
  • LED Display Systems
  • Reflectors

Front Panel Components [PDF]

  • 7-Segment Display
  • Front Panels and Mounting Accessories
  • Jacks and Plugs
  • LED Display Systems
  • Potentiometers and Fuse Holders
  • THT Switch Series

Keypad Components and Accessories [PDF]

  • 7-Segment Displays
  • Customized solutions
  • Interface board / Capacitive Keypad
  • Light Guides for Stand-Alone Indicators
  • Plunger / Plunger with point illumination
  • Pushbutton caps and signal indicators for individual inscription inserts
  • Pushbutton caps with full illumination
  • Pushbutton caps with full illumination for membrane keypads
  • Pushbutton caps with individual full and point illumination
  • Signal indicator
  • SMD pushbuttons

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