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Power Distribution Solutions


Electronics designed for use in defense, agricultural vehicles and public sector services vehicles often must meet rigorous environmental challenges: high shock and vibration, extreme temperatures and high humidity. Elma has developed core design expertise in high-current PCB layout, enclosure designs and assembly and system testing thus ensuring an ideal partner and supplier for the entire assembly. We work with you to design a power interface solution that maximizes power efficiencies while eliminating often cumbersome cabling.


Key Advantages

  • Replace existing discrete wire harnesses
  • Increased reliability in rugged environments
  • Modular approach enables reduced MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Reduced system footprint and weight
  • Reduces failure prone interfaces / connectors
  • Elma can supply board- and chassis-level solutions
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High-Current PCB for Train Tilt Motor Controls

Drive technology typically demands very high currents for motor controls. Elma developed PCBs that withstand currents up to 600 amps used in servo motor controllers for use in train tilt regulation systems

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Power Distribution for Municipal Services Vehicles

Equipment typically operating in public sector services has be reliable in extreme conditions. For these types of applications, Elma designs cable-less power interface boards that are used to operate lights, communications sub-systems, cabin ergonomics, as well as operating functions in snow removal equipment, street sweepers, front loaders, cranes, etc.

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Robust Power Board Solutions for Defense

Elma’s reputation as a highly regarded supplier to US and worldwide aerospace and defense programs for embedded platforms extends into our power solutions as well. Rugged, battle-ready power interface solutions provide critical weapons control such as this high current PCB assembly used in gun stabilization systems for tanks and other armored vehicles.

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Power Distribution for Agricultural Vehicles

Elma has developed compact and lightweight power interface solutions for a wide range of applications used in agricultural vehicles. You’ll find our power-optimized solutions in internal controls for working headlights, blinkers, and windshield wiper and wash functions.

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