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Elma is a global manufacturer and supplier of enclosures and components. The product portfolio consists of thousands of tooled components and enclosures ranging from single board computer (SB) small form factor applications, instrumentation enclosures to 19” rackmount enclosures and cabinets. We can also provide design and customization services. Our packaging experts will help you find the exact enclosure and components to fit your application and allow your product to operate in any environment. Email or call us to discuss your requirements.

Here you will find:

19” Rackmount Enclosures: Includes Eurocard IEE compatible subracks, card cages for ruggedized and EMC applications, including a full line of accessories such as front panels, telescopic rails, etc…

Design Enclosures: Include aesthetically designed desktop and lab enclosures plus enclosures designed for mobile and outdoor environments. Included is a full line of accessories.

Front Panels & Printing Services: Includes a full line of IEE chassis and 19” fronts panels, plus custom panels of all sizes and shapes with options for High Definition Digital Print, Laser Printing or Silk Screen services.

Accessories: Includes a full family of conduction cooling accessories including Board Retainers, Conduction Cooled Board Frames and card guides, Cold Plates and more.

Enclosure Configurators:

Elma Enclosures & Components
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