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VPX 3U Universal RTM

VPX Rear Transition Module (RTM) 3U x 80 mm

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Product Features

  • The Universal 3U VPX RTM Breakout Board can allow a test engineer to access I/O signals on custom built VPX boards. The breakout board is designed for the utility, power, single ended or low speed differential signals during setup and testing of a new system. During system integration, it often is desirable to access certain utility signals such as VS1, VS2 or VS3, auxiliary voltages other signals such as Geographic address or the system management bus which are all available from the rear side of the backplane. Other single ended signals such as System Reset, G-Discrete, Maskable Reset or NVMRO can be broken out if desired. Low voltage user defined ā€œiā€ row signals or low voltage I/O signals that may be TTL or low speed differential can be accessed.
  • All the available RTM signals from connectors rJ0, rJ1, rJ2, are broken out to a .010ā€ x .010ā€ grid of solder pads on the face of the PCB. Wires may be soldered to the desired positions and terminated in user supplied D-Sub connectors or the wire tails may simply be brought out to the edge of the board to logic or voltmeter probes.
  • Cut-outs are provided on the 4HP front panel if the customer wishes to terminate his signals to D-Sub connectors. In addition, holes are provided on the PCB along the edge adjacent to the front panel to secure clamping bars or wire ties to provide strain-relief for cables brought to the edge of the RTM module. Multi-stage ground circuitry along with card guide ground strips are provided in the bottom right hand corner of the RTM, to implement the ESD grounding as defined by VITA 46.0.

Product Information

Item/Part Number 1940000377-0000R
Item Description VPX 3U Universal RTM
Extended Description VPX Rear Transition Module (RTM) 3U x 80 mm
Architecture VPX/OpenVPX
Height 3U
Product Type Transition module