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Elma's cabinet group designs and manufactures custom and standard racks. consoles and enclosures to house electronics. This includes fully configurable modular vertical 19" rackmount cabinets, rugged and mobile racks, industrial cabinets and desktop/portable cases.

Elma’s turnkey integrated cabinet solutions for industrial and hostile environments offer defence contractors, system integrators and OEMs a risk-free and cost-effective route to market, whatever the operational environment and regardless of hardware architecture.

Unequalled in the industry, Elma provides a proven range of extremely rugged cabinets and consoles that are suitable for the harshest requirements of the defence Industry.

Cabinet & Console Services Offered:

  • Standard and custom rugged cabinets - fabricated or machined construction
  • Full design, manufacture and integration of rugged 19" or custom mounted equipment shelves and enclosures
  • I/O wiring and power distribution
  • Climate monitoring/control and alarm generation
  • Equipment interconnection systems
  • Full qualification testing and project management



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