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VXS Backplanes

VXS Backplanes

The VXS technology (VITA 41.x - VMEbus Switched Serial) represents an extension of the VME family. The VXS Switched Serial standard enhances the reliable VME technology. Fully reverse compatible to VME/VME64x, VXS utilizes a new 6.4 Gbps high-speed connector across the P0/J0 section of a VME64x backplane. The new connector allows the use of switched fabric signals for higher bandwidth and reliability.

On this serial architecture the conventional VME64X arbiter for the parallel VME Bus remains in the first slot. For serial communication VXS defines new slot types: switch (maximum 2) and payload (maximum 18). With the corresponding Elma ElectronicHi-Speed backplanes different topologies can be implemented: Single Star, Dual Star or Switchless-Mesh. The different protocols such as Infiniband (VITA 41.1) or Serial RapidIO (VITA 41.2) are supported by the protocol-agnostic Elma Electronic Hi-Speed backplanes. The VXS specification defines four differential serial pairs per direction link over P0/J0 (x4) and supports up to two such ports on each VXS payload card.

Elma Electronic offers a wide range of VXS backplanes based on different interconnection topologies such as StarDual-Star and Switchless-Mesh.

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