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Low Profile Backplanes

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Standard CPCI Low Profile backplanes

Total Slots Backplane Description Part Number
3 6U P1, 2 s, 3-5l 102CPCI603-4157R 102CPCI603-4157R
6U P1s, 2-5l 102CPCI603-4057 102CPCI603-4057
6U P1s, 2-5l 102CPCI603-4057R 102CPCI603-4057R
4 3U P1, 2s 102CPCI304-21XXR 102CPCI304-21XXR
3U P1s 102CPCI304-22XX 102CPCI304-22XX
3U P1s, P2l 102CPCI304-20X0R 102CPCI304-20X0R
6U P1, 2s, 3-5l 102CPCI604-4157R 102CPCI604-4157R
6U P1, 2s, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL604-4146 104CTEL604-4146
6U P1s, 2-5l 102CPCI604-4057R 102CPCI604-4057R
6U P1s, 2l, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL604-4046 104CTEL604-4046
6U P1s, P2l 102CPCI604-40X0R 102CPCI604-40X0R
5 6U P1, 2s, 3-5l 102CPCI605-4157R 102CPCI605-4157R
6U P1, 2s, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL605-4146R 104CTEL605-4146R
6U P1s, 2l, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL605-4046R 104CTEL605-4046R
6U P1s, no P2-P5 102CPCI605-41XXR 102CPCI605-41XXR
6 3U P1, 2s 102CPCI306-21XX 102CPCI306-21XX
3U P1, 2s 102CPCI306-21XXR 102CPCI306-21XXR
3U P1s, P2l 102CPCI306-20X0 102CPCI306-20X0
6U P1, 2s, 3-5l 102CPCI606-4157R 102CPCI606-4157R
6U P1, 2s, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL606-4146R 104CTEL606-4146R
6U P1s, 2-5l 102CPCI606-4057R 102CPCI606-4057R
6U P1s, 2l, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL606-4046R 104CTEL606-4046R
6U P1s, no P2-P5 102CPCI606-41XXR 102CPCI606-41XXR
6U P1s, P2l 102CPCI606-40X0R 102CPCI606-40X0R
8 6U P1, 2s, 3-5l 102CPCI608-4157R 102CPCI608-4157R
6U P1, 2s, 3l, 4s,5l 104CTEL608-4146R 104CTEL608-4146R
6U P1s, 2-5l 102CPCI608-4057R 102CPCI608-4057R
6U P1s, 2l, 3l, 4s, 5l 104CTEL608-4046R 104CTEL608-4046R
6U P1s, P2l 102CPCI608-40X0 102CPCI608-40X0
6U P1s, P2l 102CPCI608-40X0R 102CPCI608-40X0R
3U P1s, P2l 102CPCI306-20X0R 102CPCI306-20X0R
3U P1,2s 102CPCI308-21XX 102CPCI308-21XX
3U P1s, P2l 102CPCI308-20X0 102CPCI308-20X0

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