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EasyPlug Backplanes

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Standard CPCI Easyplug Backplanes

Total Slots Backplane Description Part Number
2 9U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 1x P47 103CPCI902-3157R5 103CPCI902-3157R5
4 3U P1, 2s left system 103CPCI304-21XXR 103CPCI304-21XXR
9U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 2 x P47 103CPCI904-4157R 103CPCI904-4157R
8 3U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 1 x P47 103CPCR308-31XX 103CPCR308-31XX
9U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 3 x P47 103CPCI908-5157R 103CPCI908-5157R
14 6U P1, 2s, 3-5L, 3 x P47 + bridge 103CPCI614-9001 103CPCI614-9001
16 6U P1, 2s, 3-5l 103CTEL616-7146 103CTEL616-7146
6U P1, 2s, 3-5l + bridge 103CTEL616-9001 103CTEL616-9001
6U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 2 x P47 103CPCI616-7157 103CPCI616-7157
6U P1, 2s, 3-5l, 2 x P47, left justified 103CPCL616-7157 103CPCL616-7157

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