Examining the SOSA™Power Envelope

Solving Power and Environmental Challenges in a System

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Rounding our series of webinars explaining the various facets of the emerging SOSA™ open architecture standard, this session will focus on the evolution of the power envelope and requirements needed to build a mission platform.

Adopting and adding to the power standards defined in the VITA standards organization, SOSA makes the most of those definitions found in VITA 62 pluggable modules and cooling envelopes defined by VITA 47 and 48.x (liquid, conduction, air).

Our experts will review what is currently possible and what SOSA power definitions will provide. Join Elma Electronic and Behlman Power to learn about the electromechanical and power requirement differences between 3U and 6U form factors; the 12V centric configuration of SOSA power modules and the use of power keying; required power resources and cooling methods for the chassis platforms, as found in the VITA 48.x specifications; example of power usage and cooling methods that are being implemented in chassis platforms and views of what the capabilities they provide for the integrator; and use of SOSA system management using VITA 46.11 to optimize chassis/system power and thermal performance.

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Originally held on December 15th, 2020 and now available on demand.

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