Sustainability Report

The sustainability report 2023 of Elma Electronic AG provides an overview of the sustainability topics, including CO₂ emissions for 2021-2023, CO₂ reduction targets, employee engagement, and climate governance and risks.

Annual Report

The Elma Group is committed to sustainability as an important aspect of our corporate culture. In addition to success of our business activities, Elma attaches great importance to taking responsibility for our employees, caring of the environment and making a positive contribution to society. These values are in line with the principle of sustainable initiatives, which includes economic, environmental and social aspects. Management and employees assume their responsibilities.

In order to meet the increasing demands for transparency and to make our commitment more visible, Elma publishes a sustainability report. We focus our efforts on reducing CO₂ emissions, protecting and safeguarding our employees, respecting human rights (e.g. preventing child labor) and combating corruption.

The calculations of greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) were conducted and validated for the first time for 2021 as the base year. Understanding current emissions is the first step in defining goals that ensure long-term environmental protection and the success of our company. We want to continue on this path, concentrating our efforts on concrete measures within the company.

We publish our sustainability report 2023, including reporting on non-financial matters in accordance with Article 964b of the Swiss Code of Obligations.



Sustainability Report 2023 (German only)