Multi Rotary Switches

Multi-functional design meets performance demands.

Rotary Switch Product Type

Our multi-functional switches with Hall-effect or mechanical contact system are ready to provide a reliable long-lasting output. These switches can also fit evolving technical requirements.

Multi Rotary Switch MR50


Multifunctional Switch

A 1/2" rugged selector switch with 10, 12 or 16 positions, switching torque up to 6 Ncm and available shorting or non-shorting. Various options and customizations on request.

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Multi Rotary Switch X4


High performance, hall-sensor Switch

Extremely robust rotary switch platform with an optional push button function. The switch incorporates a unique magnetic, Hall effect (contactless) sensing system to ensure maximum ruggedness, reliability and life expectancy. The micro controller based circuitry provides absolute code (Gray) with analog and PWM, or encoder output. Different standard connectors are available.

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