Military Embedded Systems MOSA Virtual Summit

Applying a MOSA Strategy Across Multiple Domains

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MOSA Virtual Summit: Applying open architectures in avionics, radar, electronic warfare, & C5ISR systems

In early 2019, Air Force, Army, and Navy leadership issued a joint memo mandating that the U.S. military use a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for new program designs and refreshes, calling MOSA a “warfighting imperative.” Now, as of 2021, MOSA is the law, as Congress passed legislation requiring MOSA to be part of the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process. MOSA strategies are now being leveraged across multiple domains – air, land, sea, space, and spectrum.

Powered by Military Embedded Systems, the MOSA Virtual Summit is designed to drive awareness and thought leadership around the MOSA initiatives like the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) and the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) products and aims to study how they impact signal- processing, software, hardware, AI, and RF designs.

The session names Applying a MOSA Strategy Across Multiple Domains talks about how MOSA is not just about open architectures like SOSA, FACE, or CMOSS, but it also involves how those initiatives and standards can applied across all domains – air, sea, land, space, cyber, and spectrum – to create a MOSA ecosystem.

Such an ecosystem enables the DoD to deploy capability more quickly to the warfighter while also reducing the long-term life cycle cost of components and reducing integration times. A cross-domain MOSA approach must balance the open architecture demands with requirements that demand custom – often expensive – solutions. This session covers how MOSA can be implemented across multiple domains in a cost-effective way that balances the tradeoffs between cost and technology investment in open architectures such as SOSA and CMOSS.

You can watch this session on our website (see links on page). To view the keynote session given by Mr. Giorgio Bertoli, CISSP, Assistant Director for the Spectrum Dominance and Intelligence portfolio, within the U.S. Army’s C5ISR Center, click here

Feb 23, 2022

11 AM

Live Webcast
Online , United States