The VMEbus technical standard has enjoyed a very long life supporting military systems. At almost 40 years old, it’s probably the longest lasting single standard in the history of computing; it has kept up with technology by supporting backwards compatibility while enabling technology upgrades and is still in use across a broad range of applications.

This webcast addresses a brief history of VMEbus, why and how it remains the reliable stalwart of critical systems used across multiple defense platforms. The speakers discuss how legacy and EOL issues are dealt with, addressing security issues, support for existing and newer operating systems, and how having a healthy ecosystem with wide vendor support has enabled the standard to such enjoy long-lasting technology refreshes and migration.

Use cases are presented along with a sneak-peek at how some platforms are examining next-gen platform migration from VME to OpenVPX and SOSA.


The expert speakers hail from Concurrent Technologies, Elma Electronic and SMART Embedded (now Penguin Computing)

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Speakers for this on-demand webinar: Nigel Forrester, Concurrent Technologies; Ken Grob, Elma Electronic; and Rob Person, SMART Embedded (formerly Motorola Computer Group).

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