With focus on industrial electronics Elma offers customer tailored solutions for a wide range of applications such as IIOT, robotics and machine control, security, surveillance and high-end industrial automation. Reliability and time-to-market are key aspects for our customers.

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Elma’s embedded PCs and networking systems, highly engineered board products, enclosures and rotary switches meet the complex needs of industrial world. Companies are required to be ever more efficient and cost-sensitive in bringing their products to market. These technology-driven markets need to be faster, smarter and more reliable even in tough environmental circumstances.

Elma assists industrial customers at any level and stage of their requirements – whether it’s an enclosure designed to function in a unique space or environment, or an intelligent computing platform to tailor to a specific industrial application. Elma meets industry standards such as CPCI, COMe, XMC and VME standards.

We work as part of your team to understand the application’s requirements, then design a chassis, rack, or subsystem computer that best fits. We start with a set of standard, modular elements designed by us and our best-in-class partners in order to deliver a tailored solution at any volume.


  • High speed vision and inspection
  • Networked factory / IIOT (Industrial IoT)
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET)
  • Automated process controls (SCADA, CAN)
  • Robotics and machine control
  • Security / surveillance
  • Class 1 Div 1 / Div 2 rated systems
  • Rugged and harsh environments

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