Mission-critical, data centers, remote sites and broadcast

For more than two decades, Elma has worked with leading telecommunications companies. We understand the importance of reliability, time to market and the rigorous qualifications that telecom equipment must meet.

Industries Communications satellite

As networked devices become more ubiquitous with the advent of increased connectivity and IoT, communications equipment is used in just about every industry sector. Elma is working with the world’s greatest telecommunications companies and proud to be a longtime supplier and partner.

Elma’s full range of products are used in communications equipment – from rugged knobs and switches in critical radios, to racks and consoles in mission-critical data center and broadband telco applications, to complex, open source ATCA platforms for use in secure networks or video on demand. It’s increasingly important to partner with a solutions provider who understands requirements unique to communications and networked systems.

Our products are based on standard modular components and platforms, enabling us to design tailored solutions even at low volumes. Elma’s in-house design, integration and production gives us control over every step of the process.


  • Public-safety broadband networks
  • Mission critical security networks (LTE and P25)
  • Onboard communications networks and entertainment systems
  • Mobile cell sites and deployed vehicle communications
  • Media gateways
  • Data centers and telecommunications environments

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