Elma Culture

We are Elma ... since 1960

Elma Culture

Corporate values that we live by every day.

We Are Focused

We focus on the requirements of our customers and our markets.

We Are Committed

As employees, we represent our company. We are committed to Service, Quality and Dependability.

We Are Transparent

We lead by mutual respect and open communication. For our actions, we assume personal responsibility. We embrace change confidently.

We Are Innovative

In recognizing opportunities and in developing creative solutions we are "best in class". For our customers, we are "Your Solution Partner".

We Are Partners

We derive our motivation from successes in working with our customers, our business partners and suppliers, our employees and our shareholders.

We Are Accountable

We care for the long-term interest of our shareholders by achieving profitable and sustainable growth.

We Are Elma!

Elma Culture