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COM Modules

Our broad line of COM modules in many different form factors offers the necessary interfaces. They are predestined for the design of customer specific embedded computer systems which can be optimized for the individual application.

While COM standards like SMARC, Qseven and other mainly RISC-based modules are often used for mobile and other low power solutions, the four different types of the COM Express family include many modules with scalable performance for almost every application.

We offer modules for industrial and building automation, IoT applications, medical, transportation, traffic management and more.

On request, we support you with customer-specific baseboard development and complete Embedded Systems. On top of that, a comprehensive manufacturing/assembling, operating system configuration, custom product testing and certification service gives you the freedom to choose how to tailor your product to fit your needs.

Our aftersales support supports you in integrating the systems with comprehensive know-how.

Product Types

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